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Tranzflo NZ Ltd,  15 Parata St, Palmerston North 4410, NEW ZEALAND

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TRANZFLO NZ LTD is a family-run business that supplies customized sensors to measure water movement through plants. The company was formed in 2005 by the Green Trust Partnership.


Dr Steve Green is the company director. Steve is a Research Scientist with HortResearch in Palmerston North, NEW ZEALAND. He has more that 20 years of practical experience developing and refining the heat-pulse technique for use in both woody stemmed trees and herbaceous plants.


Steve has been building heat-pulse systems for his own research activities since about 1983, and been supplying instruments to  other research scientists and colleagues around the world since about 1995. Steve has published  more than 75 research papers on measurements and models of plant water use and the environmental impact of land use activities.


Sap flow gear from TRANZFLO NZ LTD is simple and easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and has proven  to be  both accurate and reliable when carefully installed. We will build a customized solution to meet the needs of each of our clients.

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